Welcome to the Pack!

By Maria Gallardo-Williams

I still remember my first day at NC State like it was yesterday. The trepidation and the excitement that propelled me during that very long day. The colleagues that came to say hi, to invite me to lunch. The incredible amount of information that we received during New Faculty Orientation. It’s been 19 years for me, but it still feels so fresh in my mind. 

I remember being overwhelmed trying to figure out what each unit on campus did, and how I would interact with each one of them. I worried that I would forget their purpose, or their contact information, but even in the midst of that worry I couldn’t help but marvel at the number of resources at my disposal. Teaching support, research support, career mapping, personal well-being, the list went on and on. How would I remember all of it? 

I am proud to be a part of a unit that is committed to helping you find all the support you need to build your career at NC State. The Office for Faculty Excellence is here to support you in every possible way. Our unit goals speak for themselves: 

  1. Foster excellence in teaching, educational scholarship, and the use of learner-centered and evidence-based practices.
  2. Support and collaborate in the creation and delivery of resources, programs and services that develop faculty skills and leadership at all career stages and across all realms of responsibility.
  3. Cultivate a culture of collaboration and community based on equity, inclusion, belonging and well-being.
  4. Drive the recognition of faculty expertise and achievements at the institutional, national and international level.
  5. Promote institutional effectiveness and operational efficiency through continuous assessment and improvement of programs, services and administrative processes.
  6. Provide support for the review and implementation of all policies related to faculty employment and career advancement.

In addition to these programs and services, we can help you find support for any other endeavors. We are here to help you find your way, and to support you as you make the right connections to further your career. In our New Faculty Orientation Moodle site (available to new faculty) you will find resources and information to get you started, but if we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to access our general information or request a consultation with OFE. Our doors are always open. Welcome to the Pack!