Acronym of the Month: SAM

By Star Moretz (Office for Faculty Excellence) 

Do you ever feel lost when the topic of Instructional Design and Adult Learning Theory comes up? There are so many acronyms associated with the field of study that it can be daunting to stay up to speed. And, it is a constantly evolving domain where new ones are always popping up. 

These quick tutorials are designed to give you a short overview of the basic principle methodologies that are out there at the moment. Understanding what all these acronyms mean will enable you to participate in meaningful discussions with your peers. Rather than feeling like a neophyte you can engage like a veteran. 

Begin at the beginning:

Decades ago Dick and Carey (1974) developed what has long been known as a gold standard in instructional design. The working product is known as SAM, the Systems Approach Model.

 It is a comprehensive model with a range from conception to summation. This model has a tendency to be costly and time consuming, but exhaustive in scope. This method is most used in higher education in creating new course curriculum. 

Image: Educational Technology (2022) 

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