“What’s Up?” With OFA/OFD: What We’re Watching

Today, in the second part of our series “What’s Up?” With OFA/OFD, some of the staff of the Offices of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development answer the question: “What are you watching?”

Maria Almanza, Director of External Faculty Awards and Recognition
Like most of America, I spent a weekend (mouth-gaping) at the spectacle that is Netflix’s Tiger King. It is not for the faint of heart. Movie wise, I am thoroughly enjoying the slew of box-office films that have been released early for a price (or a premium). Included in these was Knives Out, a whodunnit that had just enough camp and intrigue to make this fan of mysteries await Knives Out 2. And I fill my weekends with cooking shows (Great British Baking Show, Top Chef, and Food Network’s latest: Tournament of Champions). Have I seen most of the episodes before? Yes! Does it make a difference: not one bit.

Diane Chapman, Executive Director, OFD
Have been watching The Walking Dead and Westworld, I binge watched Ozark and just started Killing Eve.

Jonathan Holloway, Program Coordinator
I’ve been enjoying the current season of Top Chef. I also just started catching up on the most recent season of the British series Doc Martin, which is pure escapist fluff.

Katharine Stewart, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
YouTube: HIIT treadmill workouts; We binged the most recent season of Ozark recently and then watched The Great British Baking Show as a “palate cleanser.”

Courtney Thornton, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Policy
Schitt’s Creek is my latest binge – loving the writing.

Are you watching anything you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!